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I'm an intuitive artists and teacher. together with my husband Jamie I've founded Everything Art Ltd in 2015. 

"Art that's not realistic is not art" - ever thought that? Because I certainly have. I was literally sweating and stressing my days away when striving to become that "proper" artist, painting landscapes in oil - something that was not me in the slightest. And then one day I discovered art journaling and I was hooked. The glitter fell from the sky and I knew I was saved. I learnt that real art is self-expression, a story, and an honest experience. I discovered that the process can (and should be!) pleasant and joyful rather than a constant struggle. Since then I am constantly art journaling, (daily!) and I want you to dive in with me. 


 My name is Kasia Avery and I want you to  make some art with me!  

I teach in a laid-back and supportive manner. My goal is to show you how you can enjoy the process and how to deal with your inner critic. While at it I also sharing lots of techniques and my knowledge.

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