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Daily Art journal flip through

Here's one thing I know for sure: there's nothing more beneficial to my creativity than the daily art practice. That's why I'm so determined to keep it going.

It fills my cup like nothing else and after such a long time of doing it (10 years with a few breaks) I know I'm never letting go of it. It inspires my lessons, my series of bigger artworks, my life in general.

Daily art journaling generates an incredible amount of inspiration.

My daily art journaling is not too ambitious. I often jump in for just 10 or 15 minutes. I'll make marks, stick some collage paper, write down a few thoughts and I'm off to cook the dinner. It all happens either in between daily tasks or in the short evening space when all the babies are asleep.

One important thing to remember if you wish to start your daily practice is that daily art journaling doesn't mean a finished, complete spread every day. In intuitive art nothing has to ever be ever finished in fact. You can go back to any page as many times as you like. Transformation and change are all very welcome.

Remember that and allow your art sessions to be as short as your busy life allows, and you'll see that it is possible to keep it going on a daily basis.

I've recently recorded a quick flip-through one of my daily art journals. Please watch and use it to inspire your spreads. I hope it will give you the courage to approach your art a little bit more loosely, without the pressure of every page being perfect. Also, there's lots of art journaling ideas for you in there. Enjoy!

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