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Everything art TV re-vamp!

Hello you fantastic humans!

I hope you are all well, I wanted to tell you about something super cool that we have been up to behind the scenes.

Our art streaming channel called EATV, got a little refresh and now we're introducing creative collections for you to get stuck into!

We’ve also made EATV easier to navigate through, more engaging and so much easier to feel inspired!

Our curated collections are bundles of art joy - each collection has a theme. They are perfect for getting yourself stuck into a little mini project or learning more about a particular technique or subject. We have some meaty video lessons too, something to cater to everyone.

This month we have a month of DOODLING! We have some gorgeous lessons for you in this bundle - projects you can get your teeth into, relaxing and intuitive classes and a great project from Kasia that will be super easy to fit in if you have little time.

Let's have a closer look at what you can expect this month…

Cat Kerr starts us off with a 2 part video lesson. The first introduces a nostalgic and quite personal lesson that is perfect for beginners, keep watching to part 2 find out the processes she uses to develop her super cool doodles to create her doodle universe!

(How many times can we say doodle before it makes our brains turn into noodles?)

Kool Kat Kasia is joining us for her lovely intuitive lesson involving loose and free doodles, stitching and gorgeous wild florals. It's relaxing and super zero pressure. All about letting your inner artist guide the way.

Did you know that Kasia has picked these collections by hand, too? Isn't she good. She's also got a secret surprise for you all later on, too.... Shhhhh!

Francisca Nunes is featured in this months bundle and boy it's a gorgeous, loose and flowy treat! Full of beautiful floral and botanicals to pull you right out of that winter funk and help waken you up with the essence of spring. Bold colours, pretty contrast and loads of inspiration!

Now, I won't give it all away, I'll let you head right on over to discover our new collection for yourself!

So why not? Join Cat, Kasia and our other talented teachers in this month's bundle and find out how you can excel at doodling and transform this sometimes over-looked technique into something next-level and fantastic!

Have a great day



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