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I wrote a book!!!

Hi everyone! Kasia here. I'm beyond thrilled to share with you at last that my book Creative Wanderlust is NOW available to PRE-ORDER!

Creative Wanderlust is the result of my years of experience teaching thousands of people all over the world, both in-person and online.

Over the years I've been collating all my students questions, obstacles and problems that they've shared. I structured Creative Wanderlust around this big list, covering all sorts of topics to help you open up a great big beautiful door and establish your very own joyful, relaxed art process, in a way that takes care of your mental wellbeing.

I hope you'll join me to learn how to shift your mindset from being result-focused to being all about enjoying the process, so that you can finally create joyful art without fears or holdbacks. The kind of art that makes you feel good and becomes your best self-care practice ever!

This book is me holding out my hand to you, and guiding you on an adventure to an art practice that will make you feel freer and lighter. I can't wait for you to experience this art journaling joy with me!


The book is coming out later this year, but you can pre-order now...

Why should you pre-order?

  1. It helps the book to reach the widest possible audience. The pre-order numbers affect the total number that each booksellers will order from Quarto, the publisher. The bigger the order the better the positioning. The better the positioning the higher the chance for more people to see it and discover the indisputable benefits of a joyful art practice. Me and the Quarto team have worked our socks off creating this book. Now I'm desperate for it to reach people all over the world. By pre-ordering you are helping me and others in a big way!

  2. You'll get a SUPER BONUS. An extra chapter, not included in the actual book, but tackling an incredibly important subject: "Drawing the boundaries. What to do when people criticise you." I'm talking about how to protect yourself from unkindness and not let it affect your art expression. There's a STEP BY STEP project included in this bonus chapter too and we also have a special guest spot from an artist I deeply admire.


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