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Introducing wanderlust 2023

Wanderlust 2023, Everything Art's best-selling, year-long course in mixed-media art journaling is back to inspire thousands of students for the eighth year on the trot! (Just look at this for a teaching line up!)

Wanderlust 2023 Teachers include: Kasia Avery (the Host), Carolyn Dube (Guest Host), Mary Beth Shaw (Guest Host), Jeanne Oliver (Guest Host), LaQuisha Hall, Jannette Simmons, Danielle Mack, Consie Sindet, Felicitas Mayer, Jerney Marisha, Rebecca Chapman, Nicole Warrington, Melissa Fink, Arlyna, Camila Garcia, Cat Kerr, Tania Ahmed, Amy Maricle, Rae Missigman, Lauren Bell, Shemi Dixon, Robyn McClendon, Rachel Greig, Claudette Hasenjager, Shawn Petite, Ali Brown, Helen Colebrook, Francisca Nunes, Iris Fritschi-Cussens & Wendy Brightbill.


If you're not familiar with Wanderlust, let me give you a little introduction...

Wanderlust is a whole jam-packed year of art journaling classes from a carefully curated, hugely varied group of Artists from around the world. The idea is to give you a pick and mix learning experience of different art styles and approaches, to help you build your own personal art style (and get you calling yourself an Artist in no time!)

Wanderlust 2023 brings you 31 inspiring Teachers & 55 high-quality video lessons (one for almost every week of the year!), not to mention all of the bonus classes that are already available as soon as you join.

Each class is based on a Star Supply (the 6 groups for 2023 are Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Sprays & Mists, Pigments & Powders, and Monoprinting & Carving), so you'll get proper in-depth knowledge across main supply groups, with lots of tips and mini techniques, product comparisons and projects. Every class has a focus on a different Hero Technique too, that the teachers have chosen to provide variety, balance & structure to the course.

Read some more of our favourite Wanderlust Stories here

+ check out our #Wanderlust2022Class hashtag to see some student work!


This year, Wanderlust is bigger and better than ever, with a few new surprises in the curriculum to boot...

Artful Musings

A series of videos which will give you extra insight into the process and approach of other Artists. Artful Musings will tackle subjects that will inspire and enrich your art practice, making it a more wholesome experience. Among others: serendipity and the healing power of art practice, finding a meaningful subject for your work and creating an inspirational space. Featuring Ali Brown, Amy Maricle, Nicole Warrington, Kasia Avery and more!

Self Care Challenge

Now more than ever we need to take care of our wellbeing! This challenge is released each week alongside the main class, with a focus on gentle self-care habit building. It's a series created by two best friends, Kasia and Eliza, divided by over 1000 miles of distance. Shared every week in the classroom. No pressure to join, just a fun idea for everyone who feels they could do with that little bit of extra self-care. Suitable for everyone, you can dip in and out, take whatever your heart needs!

Art Rituals

A brilliant bonus video compiled with 7 different Wanderlust teacher approaches to getting in the zone and switching from their day-to-day to find their creative flow!


I could go on about all of the brilliant things about Wanderlust, but I think you get the gist!

Want to learn more? Click here.



Joan Kovach
Joan Kovach
Aug 31, 2022

I've been fortunate to grab a spot in Wanderlust 23 with the early bird special....this will be year 2 for me !! I have always loved art, gratefully retired with more time, and have found myself trying things I'd never have attempted on my own !!! What a great way to learn---and the process, structure and all the teachers and Kasia & Jamie are fabulous !!! I personally want to THANK YOU for offering us such a challenging fabulous lessons !!! xoxo Joan

Replying to

Hello Joan! It's brilliant to hear that you are back for another year of Wanderlust!! Thank YOU so much for choosing us to inspire you again in 2023 ! See you in the classroom 😍

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