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Meet the teacher: Claudette Hasenjager

In case you didn't hear about it already, we have a cracking teacher line up for Wanderlust 2023. Here's a little more about one of our fabulous teachers, Claudette Hasenjager...


Hello everyone. I am Claudette Hasenjager, a mixed media artist from South Africa, and one of the Wanderlust 2023 teachers. I am popping in today to share a little more of my Wanderlust journey with you. My creative journey started in September 2018. At the end of that year, I discovered Wanderlust and immediately signed up for Wanderlust 2019. I was so excited about diving into the world of art journaling. Like a sponge I was eager to soak up everything I could possibly learn. I didn’t know what Gesso, or Acrylic Gel Medium were. I had never heard of a Stabilo All, Neocolor II Pastels, or Gelatos. A whole new world was waiting to be discovered.

Since the very beginning, Wanderlust has been a huge part of my art-making practice. I have learned so much from all the amazing women who have formed part of this fantastic course. They have all opened their hearts and studios and shared their art process with such love and enthusiasm. The passion that these women demonstrate during their classes is what really inspires me. It feeds my love for art-making and keeps me curious for what I am yet to discover. Four years later and every single week still has me excited about opening my journal and playing.

"This mindset of staying curious and adventurous has allowed me to try new things, and to be okay when I’m not happy with my results."

From the very first lesson I was in love, and I decided that I would commit to doing every single lesson. Some of the lessons seemed more challenging but I knew that if I wanted to grow the only way I could do that was through practice and trying things that seemed difficult. This mindset of staying curious and adventurous has allowed me to try new things, and to be okay when I’m not happy with my results. I don’t believe that “bad art” is a bad thing. In fact, I think that you learn the most from struggling, even wrestling with a supply, a process, or an art piece. Those are the moments of growth and discovery and so I welcome them. Even now I still open a lesson and have a moment where I doubt whether I will be able to paint a bouquet of watercolour flowers, or use charcoal to sketch a realistic face, but I am now always excited to try and open to learning.

In 2020 I had the opportunity to be a part of the group of teachers and that was an amazing experience. The confidence and growth that came from putting together that class was huge, it led me to so many new and exciting avenues within my art-making process.

The support you receive as a teacher from the Everything Art team is wonderful. They teach you so much, and really make you feel as though you are part of their family. It really is a fantastic experience, and I would encourage everyone to give it a try. When the call for teachers pops up, you probably won’t feel ready, but allow yourself the opportunity to say yes to a new and exciting adventure and send in your application – you will never regret it.

I can’t wait to see in classroom next year. Until then…keep creating.


Get inspired by more of Claudette's beautiful journal pages on Instagram.

Join Wanderlust 2023 here with Claudette's link!


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