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Melting-Pot of Art-Styles in Wanderlust 23!

Hello splendid earthlings! We are looking forward to even more vibrant and wondrous art next year for Wanderlust so what better to whet our whistle than to immerse ourselves in it!

Plus, the weather is a bit miserable in the UK (unless you are a duck or a snail) so we need perking up over here.

Our Wanderlust 2023 Teachers have some of the most diverse art journalling and mixed-media styles, it really does make the course such a rich and nourishing place to learn!


Here are just a few to show you how different they all are and just a hint of the techniques and styles that YOU will be learning to creating your very own individual art works with our Wanderlust Course!

Let's check it out...

This delightful piece is from Wendy Brightbill who will be gracing us with her cheerful and bright colours once again! She uses block colours of acrylic paint to suggest depth, warmth and contrast and they are such happy gorgeous pieces, keep your eye out for her Artful Musings video in Wanderlust 23.

If you already want to learn more about Wanderlust 23, click the button below!

Want to see more? Well here you go! We have the fantastically abstract face from Iris Fritschi Cussens (left) intricate and organic park making from Amy Maricle (middle) and a smash of colour, shape and mixed-media texture from Carolyn Dube (right).

And for a bit of a contrast we have the slightly grungy and edgy style from Jerney Marisha. You can rely on Jerney's art style to have a bit of an edge, while still totally gorgeous. Loads of layering, mark making and imagination!

Just for a little bit more perspective - you can see above the glorious but very different art journal entries from Mary Beth Shaw (left) , Melissa Fink (middle) and Jeanne Oliver (right).

Perfectly contrasted with each other, using techniques and mixed-media to give such individual results!

Here are a few more...

You will more than likely recognise this style if you have ever seen any of Finnabair's artwork. Using found objects and all the layers to create her art journal and scrapbooking pages, you'll notice one thing the most: texture, texture, texture! She doesn't just create art journal work though, she has a huge reportoire from gorgeous keepsakes and trinkets to creating her own line of scrapbooking and journaling ephemera!

Just a small selection of artwork from some of our fab teachers who will be teaching on Wanderlust 23!

Want to meet the rest of the fabulously talented Teacher Team for Wanderlust 2023?

You can be sure to see more of these in Wanderlust 2023, each of these Teachers will be delivering their own lesson, using their own style of art to help inspire you to develop your own art-style and use it with confidence!

For more information about Wanderlust, head over to our website!

Can't wait to see you there!

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