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My Summer delights.

Updated: Jul 23, 2021


I Is a carboot sale what we call a garage sale in US? I.guess we have a lot more.stuff to sell?! 😝🙆 (not.good!) also say u go somewhere in ur car... Do u leave.stuff in We have flea markets ( France i.guess), but we usually have tables to.sell from... I think I have seen fotos of folk selling frm boot, but that might be more old style? I do not.know why we say trunk for.boot?! Like the suitcase - which u call valise? Tho that might be old too... i! 🙆 I was blessed to visit London in '79 (?!) and loved that u still had wooden escaltors! I didn't know.they ever existed! Do.they still? 💙 e…

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