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New free mini-course!

One of my 2018 resolutions was to learn more. For quite a few years now I have this glorious hunger for knowledge. Shame there wasn't much of it when I was in college. Oh well! Now though... I want to read, explore, investigate every subject, dig deeper, ask questions and work out the answers myself.

Maybe you feel same? Maybe one of your resolutions for 2018 was to learn something new too? If the answer is yes then would encaustics be something that may interest you? Maybe you always wanted to try working with hot wax and make a collage covered with its layers?

Come on, say yes. A big, fat, daring YES!

I made a mini-course about encaustic mixed-media collage that includes image transfer techniques. I'm showing you my process, the one that I fell in love with. The whole mini-course is absolutely FREE and everyone can join in. You'll get immediate, life-long access and a wonderful opportunity for your imagination to fly free within the techniques that I'm teaching you.

When I started posting my encaustic collages on my IG I also started getting lots of questions regards combining wax and mixed-media. I thought that this process deserves to be shared and available to everyone who want to learn. So here it is, my free mini-course.

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