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Oh, hold on...

Updated: Sep 1, 2022 seems like something serious has just happened to me. Like a bang on the head or maybe even a small and loving electric shock. I say "loving" because it's definitely good for me. Anyway, I just realised that there is one thing that I was constantly pushing away - writing. For the last five years I was constantly trying to convince myself that I don't have time to write anymore. I used to enjoy it so much in past, so why did I stop? Now that's gonna have to stay the mystery of this century because I'm so not going to dig to find out. What's important is now and right now I'm sitting here, full of (writing) beans, enthusiastic and ready. To whoever is reading this (welcome you sweetness, don't you look gorgeous today, please don't go, read on read on!) I decided you deserve a few warnings:

  • I consider myself an artist. Oops, is that a bit too cocky? No, I do not regularly exhibit and no, I don't sell my art for thousands of pounds, but I do work in art and craft industry and I make art. Well, I consider it art because it's my personal visual representation of the emotions that I carry with me on daily basis.

  • English is not my mother tongue, I was born in Poland. I decided though that this is going to be all in English because... you know, I can try and I'll learn something and it's sort of enjoyable. If not everything is grammatically correct then... oh well, you'll have to put up with this. "Sorry Gregory" as we say in Polish.

  • I will be injecting this blog not only with writing but also with my art, books and cooking. So if art journaling, veg lasagne and Zadie Smith are your thing then you might have just hit a blogger's-jackpot. And if it's about writing, sometimes it's going to be messy (like today I guess), sometimes nostalgic and gloomy, sometimes sickly over-enthusiastic (those posts will be deleted within max. 12 hours after publishing, I promise, but if there's something particularly controversial you may want to take some screenshots) because this is exactly how I am.

  • I am wearing my pyjama bottoms today, oh extravagant me. This is not because I am having a cozy day in, but because they are so *alluringly fancy!

So that's that. If you're still here and willing to come back then... wow, you are one ambitious monkey. Below I am pasting a picture of my recent art journal spread just to visually balance out the mess.

I just turned very serious because this spread IS serious. I made it for my Wanderlust 2018 lesson, our theme was Birds. I based my lesson on personal symbols and the way we can tell our stories using them. My story is a nostalgic one. No rocket science here, birds are flying away from their nest -> I'm finally realising (10 years after leaving my parents' home) that there is a detaching business that I didn't quite deal with and that it needs acknowledging.

Wanderlust 2018 is no longer available to buy, but Wanderlust 2023 is! You can check it out here.


*this ambrosial word comes from this list because I decided to work on my vocabulary and to ban the stinky "amazing" foreva and eva! (I scrapped the first one off the list, it's way too common)

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