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The Wanderlust Live Weekend!

How about 4 days filled to the brim with mixed-media lessons and creative fun? How about a LIVE online event that brings together all creativity enthusiast and it's absolutely and completely FREE to join?

We're doing our biggest yet online live event THIS weekend. Wanderlust Live! Sign ups are now OPEN!

You are probably familiar with our Wanderlust set up - loads of lessons and techniques delivered by teachers from all over the world so after little think we realised that this event was a no brainer. There will be SO MUCH FUN. Keep reading to find out what we will be doing to celebrate our connections with talented artists and teachers from around the globe.

If you know you'd already like to join us and can't wait to read the rest...

You can expect:

  • Live streamed mixed-media art journaling lessons (20 in total!!)

  • Quiz time!

  • Interviews and chats - answering loads of questions that we get from you and discussing the important stuff with some very wise ladies

  • Encouraging and enthusiastic community with Amy to chat to as well

  • Super fun activities to get involved in

  • Bucket loads of fun!!

As well as Kasia delivering fantastic warm up lessons for you, we have 13 guests joining us! You will recognise these fabulously talented women from Wanderlust, and some will be new faces that will be teaching in Wanderlust 23!

Get ready for:

Claudette Hasenjager + Carolyn Dube + Iris Fritschi Cussens + Shemi Dixon + Nicole Warrington + LaQuisha Hall + Francisca Nunes + Consie Sindet + Jeanne Oliver + Mary Beth Shaw + Rae Missigman

To make sure you are not missing something that you would love to watch we have made a schedule for each day for you, too! You can print this out, stick it on your fridge or hold on to it forever, but you can also use it to highlight who you would like to see, we have 20 livestreams for you so you'll have plenty to choose from!

All times are in GMT (UK time) so head over to this link to check the correct times for your time zone.

We've supplied a kit list for you so you can gather your gear and get ready to join in with your favourite Wanderlust teachers, it will be all be available for you once you have signed up for the live! If you don't have all of the supplies just use what you have to hand. You know us! We love it when you get creative with what you have and we don't need you to buy new supplies, just substitute for something already in your art kit.

Are you ready to be a part of it? Click the button below right now and access the classroom. It's totally FREE and super fun and I promise you won't regret it.


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