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Wanderlust 2023 Waiting List

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Please note: Wanderlust 2023 is now on sale! Read more and sign up here.


We've opened the Waiting List for Wanderlust 2023 - our best selling year long course in mixed-media art journaling.

Be the first one to know when the registration opens and get access to the exclusive bonuses!

Join the Waiting List and don't miss out on our big Early Bird offer - nearly 50% off regular price for the first 2000 students!

There are three reasons to join the Waiting List:

  1. Get the course at the lowest price. This year we will have the biggest ever discount in the history of Wanderlust. Nearly 50% off regular price! But there's a catch, we only have 2000 of these lower price spots. In the past three years these have sold out in the first 12 hours of the official pre-sale. Waiting List subscribers will get a notification the moment the course goes on sale, giving you the most time to learn all about it and decide if you wish to join.

  2. Watch Kasia's craft acrylics lesson. Get a real taste of Wanderlust and follow this full video lesson from this year's course, created by Kasia Avery. You'll get access as soon as you join the waiting list. Explore craft acrylics through loose & expressive painting, answering self-discovery questions with free-writing, and combining it all to create an art journal page that's 100% about the joy of the process. Suitable for all levels of experience. This Wanderlust 2022 exclusive content is limited time access only.

  3. Watch and interact in the exclusive Live Stream Our Waiting List subscribers will get an exclusive invite to a live stream with Kasia Avery. This is closed to the public and super special. It will give you an opportunity to interact with the host and have some arty fun, learn, and get to know Kasia. Plus there will be a little secret surprise treat for you at the end of the stream!

Everything Art Team


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