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Wanderlust Live Fun!

Calling all creatives!!

YES, we're doing it again!

Last year, our first ever free online event Wanderlust Live brought together thousands of creatives. This experimental event quickly turned out to be one of our most popular offerings and as you can guess, we simply had no choice but to run it again this year! And we're doing it with HUGE smiles on our faces and bagfuls of enthusiasm. Here's all you need to know about Wanderlust Live 2023.

YES it's FREE, YES it's awesome and YES, we need you to join in the fun :)

Join us for Wanderlust Live Weekend from 1st to 3rd September - a free online event featuring 19 live-streamed mixed-media and art journaling lessons, inspiring interviews, and a vibrant creative community.

Discover your unique artistic voice and immerse yourself in the joy of self-expression with our talented guest teachers. Sign up now and don't miss this opportunity to unleash your creativity!

This event is designed to ignite your passion for self-expression and immerse you in a world of joy, learning, and inspiration. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting, everyone is welcome to join this celebration of creativity!

What to Expect from Wanderlust Live: At Wanderlust Live, you'll have access to 19 live-streamed mixed-media and art journaling lessons led by the industry's best teachers. Explore new techniques, experiment with various mediums, and witness your creativity soar to new heights.

Our curated videos and inspiring interviews will take you on a journey of creative processes, self-care, and all things art and beyond. Join our enthusiastic community, share your creations, and find inspiration from like-minded individuals. Embrace the opportunity to discover your unique artistic voice and enjoy quizzes, activities, and endless fun!

Meet Our Lineup of Art Superstars: Hosted by Kasia Avery of Everything Art, Wanderlust Live features brilliant guest teachers such as Francisca Nunes, Carolyn Dube, Claudette Hasenjager, Jeanne Oliver, Christine Karpiak, Nicole Warrington, Arlyna Blanchard, Lisa Goddard, Leaca Young, Jane Chipp, Casey Turner, Shay Michelle, Tania Ahmed, Iris Fritschi-Cussens, Nicki Traikos, Sarah Gardner, and LaQuisha Hall.

Wanderlust Live Weekend Schedule Highlights: View our printable supply lists and schedule on our website to plan your weekend. Join live sessions like Warm Up LIVE with Kasia Avery, Paint Mini Abstracts LIVE with Nicki Traikos, Colour Play LIVE with Christine Karpiak, Peaceful Pages LIVE with Nicole Warrington, Creative Mindful Practice with Leaca Young, and many more engaging sessions.

Don't Miss Out - Recordings Available: Even if you're busy during Wanderlust Live Weekend, we've got you covered! We're recording all sessions, so you can access them after the event for free. No extra fees required for full recorded access!

Claim Your Free Spot Today: Secure your spot now for Wanderlust Live Weekend and be part of an unforgettable celebration of creativity.

Don't forget to share this amazing opportunity with your friends and loved ones, and together, let's spread the joy of creativity!

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