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Bird's Eye View - a Care December art journaling prompt

Hello, and welcome to another prompt from our mindfully curated Care December offering!

Today I'm sharing our art journaling prompt for Day 11, Bird's Eye View. In this moment, I'd like you to imagine flying up high and looking over your life...

What positives do you see when you take away all the chores and daily worries?

What is the essence of your life, the most beautiful thing about it?

Right now, as we’re recording Care December, we’re in the middle of packing and moving back to our house. We’ve been living in a little flat above the Everything Art studio since May, when all of the big refurbishment work started in our house. The space is quite small and since with the dogs there are six of us, it’s a little frustrating at times. We also are using the flat to store a lot of our furniture and items which will soon go into the house.

So since May I have had very little time, and most of all, space to myself. It often feels very overwhelming and like my mind is in a mess and there’s not a square inch of peace and order.

But when I take today’s prompt and look over my life I see that I’m probably in one of the happiest moments of my life...

I have my husband who is loving, supportive and in good health. I have my healthy, funny, clever daughters. We feel secure and manage to avoid too much stress. So in the mess of packing and the towers of cardboard boxes I must be able to see the pure privilege of all that I’m given right now.

I would like you to try that too. Take a moment to think of what’s most beautiful in your life right now. And then let’s use wings in our art journal as a symbol of this process.


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I hope this prompt inspires you in your art journals, but also in your daily life! A little bit of perspective can sometimes make all the difference in our feelings of fulfilment. Enjoy!



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