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Free Advent Calendar starts tomorrow!

Today I want to introduce you to my brand new free online offering. Kasia's Advent Calendar starts tomorrow and the space is limited so don't hesitate to book your spot right now. Here's a bit more about it:

For me December is always same - busy and full. Full of love and togetherness, but also long to-do lists, places to go, presents to buy and rooms to tidy up. And every December I feel drained. Once the break between Christmas and New Year comes I just want to bury myself under a blanket and hibernate. This year I refuse to feel like that, I want to feel good and be connected with myself. The solution is simple - I have to find more piece and I want to do it through art.

Maybe you would like to join and squeeze in some me-time into this hectic month? What about clearing our minds of tasks and commitments, once, daily? Let's relax and look into ourselves, let's give our minds and bodies a chance to recharge and let's do it with art.

Here's my free offering for you - Kasia's Advent Calendar. Just like in a traditional Advent Calendar you will be getting a little treat every day: an inspiring prompt in a video form from Kasia + a time-lapse clip of her art journaling process. You can use the prompts for any kind of art that you do - whether it's art journaling, mixed-media, drawing, watercolour, journaling or photography. The prompts are wide and versatile.


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